How Important Is Stun Gun Voltage

high-voltage stun gunsThere is a a misunderstanding about voltage in stun guns that keep showing up in publications that are not supported by any scientific proof.

A stun gun does not need a lot of voltage to stop any attacker but there are advantages to a higher voltage that can improve the effectiveness of it.

A low voltage stun gun with a high number of milliamps can take an attacker just as fast as a high voltage with a high milliamps. Voltage does not disrupt the communication between your nerves. Amp do that!

So, what would be the advantages and why would you buy a high voltage stun gun you might ask yourself.

The advantage of a high voltage stun gun lies in the penetrating power of it.
The higher the voltage the higher the penetrating power.

If you get hit by the voltage of your 220 Volts in the house or you touch the positive prong of a 9 volt battery with your tong you can feel the penetrating power of the 220 Volts.

We have a nice selection of high voltage stun guns in our store to choose from and you can find them on this link:

You can even make a combination with a flashlight stun gun and almost double your security by adding a LED flashlight in the equation.

I hope you now know a little bit more of the advantages of a high voltage stun gun.

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