Updated Website Security

We did a major security update on C and E Security to make your visit even more safe and your information even more safer than it was already.


Our concerns always was and will always be to guarantee you a safe and secure visit to our store and one way of doing this was by not processing your payment information on our site, but let the highly secure website of PayPal take care of that part since that is their expertise.

We did however stored your name and email address in our date base on the website and decided to take that to the most secure level available at this moment.

We changed the whole website over the most secure HTTPS version in stead of keep using the also secure, but still a little less secure HTTP version.

What does this mean for your visit to our C&E Security store? You will notice no difference than that the site might be a little slower for a while. This has to do with the conversion to the more secure version and will be just for a short period of time and it might not even be noticeable.




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