How Important Is Stun Gun Voltage

high-voltage stun gunsThere is a a misunderstanding about voltage in stun guns that keep showing up in publications that are not supported by any scientific proof.

A stun gun does not need a lot of voltage to stop any attacker but there are advantages to a higher voltage that can improve the effectiveness of it.

A low voltage stun gun with a high number of milliamps can take an attacker just as fast as a high voltage with a high milliamps. Voltage does not disrupt the communication between your nerves. Amp do that!

So, what would be the advantages and why would you buy a high voltage stun gun you might ask yourself.

The advantage of a high voltage stun gun lies in the penetrating power of it.
The higher the voltage the higher the penetrating power.

If you get hit by the voltage of your 220 Volts in the house or you touch the positive prong of a 9 volt battery with your tong you can feel the penetrating power of the 220 Volts.

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You can even make a combination with a flashlight stun gun and almost double your security by adding a LED flashlight in the equation.

I hope you now know a little bit more of the advantages of a high voltage stun gun.

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Non Lethal Self Defense Products

non lethal self defense products

There are many news items about the use of deadly force in a self defense situation. We think it is time to focus more on non lethal self defense products to defend ourselves.

When you have a look in the news papers and other news sources we read many articles about self defense with guns and as a result death.
We can understand that deadly force can not always be avoided and think that every household should have at least one gun for self defense.

There are however also many other options available to protect yourself without the use of deadly weapons.
In our opinion a weapon should first be used to warn and scare a possible attacker.
You can do that with a lot of weapons but there are two that are famous from the many law enforcement shows on

  • Stun Guns
  • Pepper Sprays
  • Taser products

These are the two most common used, available and affordable non lethal self defense products.
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We will write more about the products we think are the most effective and how to use them in a situation of self defense in a different post.
We also publish these articles on our blog page

Non lethal self defense is in our opinion not known enough. We see all kind of shows promoting guns and more guns and when you read about self defense there is a ton of information available on how to act after you shot someone but no to much on how to avoid an attack.

This is the reason we try to publish and inform about the use of the many non lethal self defense products and sell the highest quality in our store on

Feel free to contact us with any question you have about this subject.

Highly Reputable Personal Defense Companies

non lethal self defense

Every person should solely understand that it is essential to assure self-protection and safety which requires reasonable and honest identification of possible incidents that may cause threats to personal health and security. In order to help the community with reliable defense mechanisms, a large number of personal defense service providers have combined their vast knowledge with extensive experience in provision of quality defense tactics to ensure that every member of the community is solely aware of benefits of personal security. Hence, it is essentially good for anyone with fears of possible attacks, to make sure that they identify skilled personal defense firms with a wide track of records in quality defense tactics to ensure that one acquires the right skills. Learn more about personal defense, go here.

The most reliable personal defense service providers provide a wide variety of security services to clients which range from; unarmed self-protection, home weapons and defense techniques, knife fighting tactics and accident and concept analysis. It is incredibly true that the highly reputable personal defense service providers provides alarm devices for clients to install in their respective homes, businesses and other areas to prevent criminal invasion since residences with signs and logos from alarm companies scare away burglars making it safe. The beauty about the fascinating personal defense service providers is the truth that trains the interested clients with comprehensive medical and defense tactics to ensure that the community is well-informed and armed with right mechanisms for handling medical gears and firearms delivered through physical classes and videos. Read more great facts, click here.

It is incredibly true that the highly appealing personal defense service providers absorb fully educated instructors with certification for carrying recognized guns while they as well hold good credentials and vast experience in quality training for personal security. Moreover, highly convenient personal defense service providers assure clients with legal training by holding right licensing from the governing council while quality is ensured with accreditation with well-known firearm regulatory bodies. The most pleasing personal defense companies motivate their instructors with bonds and insurance from reputable institutions to enable them to offer quality training and services to clients with the essence of quality service provision.

The most fascinating thing concerning the highly appealing personal defense service givers is the truth that they set competitive prices for clients along with attractive discounts to ensure that many people in the society afford beneficial safety skills. Furthermore, highly dependable personal defense service providers embrace new technology in development in websites to ensure that customers easily access icons that enhance viewing the available guns and services prior to making orders. In a nutshell, highly pleasing personal defense service providers consults with the clients to analyze the respective security threats prior to spotting the right training to be offered, estimation of the costs and determination of the firearm required which may include; handguns, shotguns and rifles. Please view this site for further details.